Tuesday, July 12, 2011

J Hilburn - Experience

Check out this video we made for one of my favorite clients eva. Since starting work with J. Hilburn, I've pretty much become an evangelist for their products and business. Love everything about my experience with them. Here is a video we made at Launchsquad to promote their custom clothing.

Obviously there is a lot of cool stuff that went into this video. Visual effects, sets, baller cameras, and lots and lots of practice. This was a pretty big production with months of pre-visualization. We had days of auditions to get the right guy, editing and pacing tests, visual effects tests. It's crazy how much pre-production and planning went into this thing.

Here is a video of the behind the scenes for The J. Hilburn Experience. It's mostly behind the scenes of production, rather than of pre-production and post. But it's still pretty cool.

If you want to take a look at one of the previous videos we made for J. Hilburn, check it out.


  1. You guys did such an amazing job with this. I have been with the Company since the conception in Hil's game room at his house and this truly captures the idea and the concept that we have developed over the years. Thank you for giving us something to share with our clients that will enhance their senses to what a wonderful opportunity they have to design their own wardrobe, with a little help from their Style Advisor of course! Trae Lynne

  2. Thanks Trae! So excited about the suits. Now I just need some occasions to wear em.