Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sandbox Love goes to Hawaii!

Vitalie and I got to head to Hawaii for almost a week to be a part of Amy and Rob's wedding experience.  I knew while we were there that this was going to be a masterpiece.  And sure enough, it's a Sandbox Love classic :).

Here is a link to the Official Sandbox Love blog post for Amy and Rob's Wedding.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Olympics at Yahoo!

Olympics season is a time for inspiration.  Most of the world takes a break from their lives and turns their eyes to the TV screens.  But at Yahoo! something different is happening.

There's a handful of people at Yahoo! who work together every Olympics to create one of the most viewed Olympic experiences in the world.  Yahoo! wanted us to come in and capture some of that energy, which was a challenge because our interviewee's were running on very little sleep.  But that's just a testament to their passion for creating a great user experience.

This was a quick video for Glass & Marker, with about a week and a half turn around.  We're pretty happy with how it came out, and are always excited to see all the cool stuff going on at Yahoo!.