Monday, September 19, 2011


Made this one, freelance style, for a company called WeVideo who offers a pretty baller product. They let you do all of your video editing in the cloud which means more collaboration, more flexibility, and the amazingness of being able to edit anywhere with a wifi signal. No hard drives to lug around. Just your footage in the ether, ready to go.

We also made an AWESOME behind the scenes video that shows our process of packing, filming, and then editing the commercial using WeVideo. Because we had such a tight turnaround with the video above, we had to be very clever with our coloring, uploading, and editing. I can't wait to show you how we made this, it's going to blow your world.

Lots more WeVideos to come!

Producers: Jesse Tarnoff, Ben Tuller, Pierce Templeton
Executive Producers: John Canning, Magnus Kristiansen
Director: Jesse Tarnoff
Director of Photography: Vitalie Ungureanu
Screenplay: Jesse Tarnoff
Sound Design: Matt Schwartz
1st Assistant Director: Pierce Templeton
1st Assistant Camera: Richard Paganini
Audio Recording: Nick Ainsworth
Editing/Color Grading: Jesse Tarnoff
Rotoscoping: Cameron Clark
Production Assistant: Shaun Goo
Freefall Cinematography: Iwan Van Der Schoor

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crime. Organized. With Yam!

Life has been crazy busy! Weddings, Commercials, and Corporate. I promise I will get some sleep soon. I just need to hold off the heavy eyes for about another week!

I am VERY excited to show you this commercial I made for a product called Yam. They are an online meeting organization platform that literally allows everybody to be on the same page, while working remotely or locally. Basically, if you were having a phone meeting with someone in San Francisco, someone in Moscow, and someone in Timbuktu, this would allow you to have a common interface for collaboration. Like notepads, voting, cost benefit analysis, and a ton of other tools. Way powerful, and allows you to really accomplish a lot during a meeting.

So... what would happen if the Russian mob got their hands on such a valuable tool? Well, hit fill screen and watch :)

This shoot was so much fun. SO much fun. Cars, Bikini's, Guns, and some great locations. We did production over the course of two days, with a mid sized crew. The editing took a while to get all the fine tuning right, as there was a lot of stuff I wanted to include that we had to trim out for length's sake. But I am seriously siked with the end result!

Producers: Ben Tuller, Jesse Tarnoff
Director: Jesse Tarnoff
Executive Producers: Bret Clement, Kyle Peterson
Director of Photography: Vitalie Ungureanu
Screenplay: Zack Keller
Sound Design: Matt Schwartz
Editing/Color Grading: Jesse Tarnoff
1st Assistant Director: Pierce Templeton
Gaffer: Sebastian Burke
Sound Recording: Shaun Goo, Ben Tuller
Production Assistant: Charloette Bueb

"Blonde Hair. Green Eyes."