Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crime. Organized. With Yam!

Life has been crazy busy! Weddings, Commercials, and Corporate. I promise I will get some sleep soon. I just need to hold off the heavy eyes for about another week!

I am VERY excited to show you this commercial I made for a product called Yam. They are an online meeting organization platform that literally allows everybody to be on the same page, while working remotely or locally. Basically, if you were having a phone meeting with someone in San Francisco, someone in Moscow, and someone in Timbuktu, this would allow you to have a common interface for collaboration. Like notepads, voting, cost benefit analysis, and a ton of other tools. Way powerful, and allows you to really accomplish a lot during a meeting.

So... what would happen if the Russian mob got their hands on such a valuable tool? Well, hit fill screen and watch :)

This shoot was so much fun. SO much fun. Cars, Bikini's, Guns, and some great locations. We did production over the course of two days, with a mid sized crew. The editing took a while to get all the fine tuning right, as there was a lot of stuff I wanted to include that we had to trim out for length's sake. But I am seriously siked with the end result!

Producers: Ben Tuller, Jesse Tarnoff
Director: Jesse Tarnoff
Executive Producers: Bret Clement, Kyle Peterson
Director of Photography: Vitalie Ungureanu
Screenplay: Zack Keller
Sound Design: Matt Schwartz
Editing/Color Grading: Jesse Tarnoff
1st Assistant Director: Pierce Templeton
Gaffer: Sebastian Burke
Sound Recording: Shaun Goo, Ben Tuller
Production Assistant: Charloette Bueb

"Blonde Hair. Green Eyes."

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