Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Google Ingress

Finally making it's appearance on my personal blog is part of the 6+ month project we worked on for Google: Ingress.  Glass & Marker was brought in to make a wide range of video content for the game's underground marketing campaign called "The Niantic Project."  The content range included professional 15 and 30 second commercials as well as "amateur" looking story content for the ARG.  The campaign culminated in the huge launch of Google's first mobile game, and Nick and I are proud to have made the epic launch video.

Produced by Glass & Marker
Creative Direction: Markham, Tarnoff
Cinematography: Tarnoff
Visual Effects: Markham
Unit Producer: Hayden

Behind the Scene photos coming soon.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WeVideo Homepage

Glass & Marker is proud to have created another awesome video for our long lasting client, WeVideo.  It's an introductory video that walks people through their product's offering of quality editing tools, cool styling options, and a great way to share project between different people.  We're really happy with how this one turned out!

Produced by Glass & Marker, Inc.
Creative Direction: Tarnoff, Markham
Production Coordinators: Hersler, Hayden
Cinematography: Tarnoff
Editing: Bunch
Visual Effects: Bunch, Markham, Tarnoff

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Google Field Trip

Glass & Marker's newest video is live.  It's a project I directed with Nick Markham for Google.  Fieldtrip is an Android app that connects people to the world around them, by providing them interesting information and recommendations based on the users location.  The app can notify you about cool historical information, interesting landmarks, unique restaurants and tons of other great places around you.

Produced by Glass & Marker, Inc.
Creative Direction: Tarnoff, Markham
Production Coordinator: Hayden
Cinematography: Tarnoff
Visual Effects: Bunch
Editing: Tarnoff

Check out our behind the scenes photos here: Facebook Album.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Calm Life, Part 1 - BCalm

After working a series of 100 hour weeks at my new company, Glass & Marker, I needed a break... big time.  But when our client BCalm heard about my trip to Tahoe, they wanted to get on board.  And of course, I can't help but film when I have the opportunity to capture cinematic stuff.  It's how I relax, honestly.  So I got to make a very low pressure video about relaxation, friendship, and our awful Jenga skills.

Props to Christie Goshe for helping out with the editing on this project.  Oh and if you haven't tried BCalm Wellness Drink, check it out.  Seriously.  It's now a Glass & Marker shared addiction.  And it actually works, imo.

Produced by Glass & Marker, Inc.
Direction: Tarnoff
Camera: Tarnoff, Tuller
Editing: Goshe, Tarnoff

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sandbox Love goes to Hawaii!

Vitalie and I got to head to Hawaii for almost a week to be a part of Amy and Rob's wedding experience.  I knew while we were there that this was going to be a masterpiece.  And sure enough, it's a Sandbox Love classic :).

Here is a link to the Official Sandbox Love blog post for Amy and Rob's Wedding.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Olympics at Yahoo!

Olympics season is a time for inspiration.  Most of the world takes a break from their lives and turns their eyes to the TV screens.  But at Yahoo! something different is happening.

There's a handful of people at Yahoo! who work together every Olympics to create one of the most viewed Olympic experiences in the world.  Yahoo! wanted us to come in and capture some of that energy, which was a challenge because our interviewee's were running on very little sleep.  But that's just a testament to their passion for creating a great user experience.

This was a quick video for Glass & Marker, with about a week and a half turn around.  We're pretty happy with how it came out, and are always excited to see all the cool stuff going on at Yahoo!.  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WeVideo for Google Drive

Our newest film at Glass & Marker is an important one.  As you know, we've created a lot of great videos for WeVideo, the best online video editing platform around.  This one is an important one because it announces their integration with Google Drive, Google's newest product.  What a huge step for WeVideo, to be chosen as a launch partner for another revolutionary cloud based service.  Check out the video below, and read more about the objective and solution on the Glass & Marker site.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Making the WeVideo Commercial... With WeVideo

24 Hours of Production and Post Production.
This was a video we made for the new company, Glass & Marker. It's a behind the scenes look at how we roll. The concept here was to put WeVideo to the test of a stressful production environment with an impending deadline and see how well it/we could perform. Take a look.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Glass & Marker Launch Video!!

We didn't have a whole lot of time to make the Launch Video before the Glass & Marker Launch Party. But we wanted it to reflect our attention to detail and our potential for great work. We shot and edited the whole video in a week, enduring a few sleepless nights. Infact, the macro cinematography you see in the video was done between 3 and 5 AM the morning of the Launch Party. Yup, it was one of those kind of weeks. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Many thanks to my business partners Nick Markham and Nick Raushenbush. We're proving to be a really awesome team and I can't wait to see what's ahead. Cheers.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Priya + Veeral's Signature Film

This wedding was truly a special one. You may recognize Veeral from some of my previous work on the blog. I've known him for about a year and a half and met him by doing video work for his company, J. Hilburn. So when he asked my company, Sandbox Love, to capture his wedding... I was VERY honored. And his wife, Priya, is such a perfect match for him. Beautiful, funny, and so warm. Like I said, this was a special one for us to film.

Vitalie, Shaun and I flew out to Rochester, NY for a couple days to be a part of all the Indian wedding traditions. I had never been to that part of New York, and loved it. During some of the off time, we went exploring. I loved all the bridges crossing the river, right through Rochester. Made for a great shot looking down them. Me and Shaun had to bust out a dance.

Also, I just gotta say. I totally dig the way he proposed. Unconventional, unexpected, and super cute. There's a reason why it's called a happy meal.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello Glass & Marker

Big News!!! A lot of you may be wondering why my tweets have mentioned me working straight through the night pretty much every day of the week; and yet, there have been no new updates to the Sandbox Love blog or the Jesse Tarnoff blog. Well that's because I've been working on a new little project called Glass & Marker, Inc.

Introducing a new company that I have formed with two colleagues (friends) of mine. Glass & Marker is a video production company for creating web video for a huge range of clients. From small App companies like YAM to the big guys like Yahoo! The company grew organically from the demand for my freelance corporate video work, which has been on the rise.

You may recognize one of the founders of Glass & Marker, Nick Markham. He was my roommate in college, co-worker at Launchsquad, and a big part of the beginnings of Sandbox Love. He's joined Glass & Marker as the Executive Creative Director. The other founder is a friend of mine from way back in the day named Nick Raushenbush. He's a crazy smart guy and will be Glass & Marker's Chief Operating Officer. He brings a much needed analytical mind to Markham's and my dreamscape of creative optimism. He's also an advisor for Forrester Research specializing in Ad Agencies and New Media.

So here is the BIG question. What will happen to Sandbox Love???
We've built up a lot of fans over the last year and a half and I won't leave it behind for one second. While my attention to SBL has been temporarily diverted while getting Glass & Marker going, I will be refocusing on building that company as well. I have hired my brother, Dylan, as the new Sandbox Love manager. Sandbox Love will continue to shoot weddings with the same people we have been; myself, Nick, Vitalie, RJ, Shaun. And the films will continue to be edited by the people who made all of your favorite wedding films in the past; myself, Nick, and RJ. The two companies will interact by operating out of the same office, and by having the SBL editor as part of the Glass & Marker staff. So here is the bottom line: Your wedding films will continue to be great, and I am committed growing Sandbox Love as a company as well.

The process of starting this company has been very taxing; financially, emotionally, and with respect to sleep. But it's also been crazy exciting! Now that it's launched and we've built an engine for it to take off, we're anticipating a steady stream of growth. Thank you to all those who have supported me thus far. I promise to keep working away.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ben and Betsy's Highlights

Another super beautiful wedding film created for Sandbox Love. Not gonna lie, their vows get me teary eyed.

Ben + Betsy's Highlights from Sandbox Love on Vimeo.

This was shot by myself, big Vitalie, and smooth man Nicky. Major props to my man RJ for putting together a great first cut of this. I then went in and did a ton of polish, color, and editing to give it that Sandbox Love special something. Looks so good. So happy to hear that ben and Betsy love it.

Also, some press! The video and photos posted to Style Me Pretty!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Men's Health and J. Hilburn

Here is a recent video I shot and directed for Men's Health. It was produced by LaunchSquad, and I have to say, it's a great piece.

Flew out to the Men's Health office in NYC and met up with Brian Boye and J. Hilburn's head of product, Jon Patrick. First, let me say that the Men's Health office is pretty rad. Yoga studio, lots of cool offices, and a pretty cool looking set of stairs right through the middle.

It was a fun shoot, despite my lack of sleep. One of the best outtakes I have ever witnessed occurred, and we all started roaring with laughter. I'm really happy with how the video came out and a lot of credit goes to the editor for compiling it into a great piece for Men's Health.

Client: J. Hilburn
Agency: Launchsquad
Creative Director: Brett Marty
Direction: Jesse Tarnoff
Writing: Brett Marty, Tessa Greenwood
Cinematography: Jesse Tarnoff, Joe Belack
Additional Footage: Jesse Tarnoff, Vitalie Ungureanu
Editing: Cory Leavitt

Lenses: 85mm 1.2, 24mm 1.4, 70-200 2.8, Sigma 105 2.8