Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello Glass & Marker

Big News!!! A lot of you may be wondering why my tweets have mentioned me working straight through the night pretty much every day of the week; and yet, there have been no new updates to the Sandbox Love blog or the Jesse Tarnoff blog. Well that's because I've been working on a new little project called Glass & Marker, Inc.

Introducing a new company that I have formed with two colleagues (friends) of mine. Glass & Marker is a video production company for creating web video for a huge range of clients. From small App companies like YAM to the big guys like Yahoo! The company grew organically from the demand for my freelance corporate video work, which has been on the rise.

You may recognize one of the founders of Glass & Marker, Nick Markham. He was my roommate in college, co-worker at Launchsquad, and a big part of the beginnings of Sandbox Love. He's joined Glass & Marker as the Executive Creative Director. The other founder is a friend of mine from way back in the day named Nick Raushenbush. He's a crazy smart guy and will be Glass & Marker's Chief Operating Officer. He brings a much needed analytical mind to Markham's and my dreamscape of creative optimism. He's also an advisor for Forrester Research specializing in Ad Agencies and New Media.

So here is the BIG question. What will happen to Sandbox Love???
We've built up a lot of fans over the last year and a half and I won't leave it behind for one second. While my attention to SBL has been temporarily diverted while getting Glass & Marker going, I will be refocusing on building that company as well. I have hired my brother, Dylan, as the new Sandbox Love manager. Sandbox Love will continue to shoot weddings with the same people we have been; myself, Nick, Vitalie, RJ, Shaun. And the films will continue to be edited by the people who made all of your favorite wedding films in the past; myself, Nick, and RJ. The two companies will interact by operating out of the same office, and by having the SBL editor as part of the Glass & Marker staff. So here is the bottom line: Your wedding films will continue to be great, and I am committed growing Sandbox Love as a company as well.

The process of starting this company has been very taxing; financially, emotionally, and with respect to sleep. But it's also been crazy exciting! Now that it's launched and we've built an engine for it to take off, we're anticipating a steady stream of growth. Thank you to all those who have supported me thus far. I promise to keep working away.


  1. ...On the bright side, you actually get a lot of synergy (to *correctly* use a buzz word) by running two different video production companies out of one office, probably with one set of gear -- it's not like high end videography stuff (lenses, bodies, rigs, computers, etc) are just available free on the street!

  2. Yup, same high quality gear, same high quality folks.