About Jesse

Heyooooo.  Here's some info about me.

Background: I made numerous films growing up. I shot on video mostly, but also on 8mm and 16mm. My first big film was The Third Stage, a film set in WWII that ran for 35 minutes. The experience from that enabled me to move on to my next film, The Age of the Ruash, a full length feature set in the fantasy world of Ot. This film was by far the biggest production I have ever worked on, and my pride in the accomplishment is still unmatched by anything else I have done.

I went on to Chapman University where I majored in film production with an emphasis in cinematography. I enjoyed many fun projects working in the gold room with brilliant professors and other starving students. I then took a job at Metmedia Video and worked there for 2.5 years shooting and editing video. I will always have fond memories of working there and continue to have the utmost respect for my team there. I was then offered a job at LaunchSquad PR in San Francisco, and took the opportunity to immerse myself in the advertising and corporate video world.

Critical Focus: I'm currently a Founder and Creative Director at Glass & Marker, a creative production company in Oakland. I direct, shoot, and edit web videos for a range of clients; from startups to Google and Yahoo!. On the side I also run a wedding film company called Sandbox Love.

Foreground: The future is always a mystery. The good thing is that the twists and turns of life don't matter as long as you know where you're going. I have goals and I have values, and as long as I remain dedicated to those, I could never be unhappy.

-Jesse Tarnoff