Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shooting in Las Vegas

A few weeks ago I got to fly out to Las Vegas for my job at LaunchSquad. One of our clients is a big deal in the surveillance world, 3VR. What their technology does is wild stuff. Rather than having hours of streaming surveillance video, 3VR categorizes the video data and makes it searchable. For instance, If I wanted to find a green car, all of the segments where a green car pass the camera would come up. It gets crazier. Two words: Facial Recognition.

So here is the video that we made for them. It's not about their technology, but testimonials and their experience at ISC West (International Security Conference).

I shot this with Brett Marty, my partner at LaunchSquad. We were shooting my 7D with a 85mm 1.2, 50mm 1.8, and 10-20mm 4-5.6 Sigma. The interview footage turned out great with all the pretty bokeh in the background. We also shot the Canon Vixia and used that as a second camera and our audio recording device. Que interesante! I really wanted to show off the capability of the DSLR's vs. Camcorders and I believe my point came across quite strongly. We've been authorized to get a full Canon 5DmkII kit. You know my motto: Production Value, Production Value, Production Value.

We went out one night and shot a bunch of Vegas B-Roll. We weren't sure what we were going to use it for, but we wanted to mess with the low light capabilities of the 7D and the 85mm 1.2. The vegas strip was the perfect place.

The second night we were there we did Vegas right. We made a lot of really good decisions and no streaks were broken. Well, maybe.

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