Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Viral Video is Made - Virool

If you like EPIC productions, then you're going to like Glass & Marker's new video.  We had the opportunity to make a short film for a company called Virool, who specializes in making videos go viral.  The numbers are still coming in, but so far we've hit 3 MILLION views!  Enjoy one of the craziest and wackiest videos you might ever see.

Produced By: Glass & Marker
Creative Direction: Tarnoff, Markham
Producers: Hersler, Hayden
Cinematography: Tarnoff
Visual Effects: Bunch, Markham, Apolinar
Production Design: Ball
AD/AC: Hayden
Sound: Schwartz

It was an ambitious project from the onset: creating a fictional world built around the idea that anyone could become famous with a little dose of Virool.  Our primary obstacle was to make this feel like more than an isolated case, but an actual worldwide movement.  With over 80 cast members, 15 locations, and two weeks of principal shooting, we had to be on our game every step of the way.

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