Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Launches!!!

It's crazy. Through LaunchSquad I have gotten to work with some amazing companies. (Also is #34 on the Fortune 500 list... and I'm shooting and editing the video for their company launch. I mean, this video is going to be at the front of a huge movement. The launch is being dubbed the biggest launch in retail history, and I get to be a major part of it. How lucky am I? Here is the vid: is brilliant. You can bet I will be using their services for my toothpaste, floss, toilet paper, detergent; I mean, anything they HAVE that I NEED, I'll get from them. Wouldn't you?

I shot this with Brett Marty, mostly in New York and New Jersey. The warehouse footage is all from Reno and the kids stuff is from a shoot we did for a while ago. The major challenge in shooting the film was finding cinematic interview backdrops in the new Quidsi (parent company) office. And maybe dealing with the humidity of New York. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. For a long time, I couldn't formulate a vision for how I wanted to edit the video. Then I found a pace and a vibe that I liked, and it worked out.

Very very very excited to see how this video does! It's been posted on some HUGE outlets, one of which is TechCrunch!

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