Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Coin for Courage (24 Hour Film)

We submitted this film for the San Francisco Film Racing
event of 2009. We were up against something like 14 other films. The theme of our film had to be "Embarrassing" and we had to include a key in the film. We actually couldn't think of anything Friday night and just went to sleep. With 13 hours left we came up with our idea, and had the film done with 30 minutes to spare.

For some reason the judges absolutely hated our film. Perhaps it was the violence, perhaps it was the style. The judging was so unfair that we lost "Best Costumes" to a film where their actors were wearing T shirts and Jeans. Yea.

However, in all fairness, it was our first film race and we learned a couple things. First, we learned that making a pro-war/pro soldier film for a competition in San Francisco isn't the best idea. We were trying to do something different that what everybody else was going to do with the theme "embarrassing." We decided to take it the dramatic route, which nobody else did. We've since decided that we should play to the audiences expectations, and not try to stand out in THAT way.

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